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You are Qualify to withdraw Your Earnings from N1,000 upward. But it is very compulsory you withdraw your earnings to your bank when you have N10,000 balance. Please do not keep over N10,000 on your 500naira account balance. We can also send your earnings to your automatically every time you reach N10,000.
500naira Earners

Ready to start Making Money Online in Nigeria? 500naira Earners Launches in 2011 as the Nigeria surest way to Make Money Online, Make Money Online in Nigeria By Using The #1 Nigeria Business Networking Platform. The Money Making System is easy as A B C...Here is a smart system, for people who want to make money in Nigeria and for people who understand financial freedom.

How it Works

Our vision is to create a powerful platform for Nigeria to make money everyday and to provide them best environment to act and achieve big as well as to create your present and future to bring happiness in your life. People have been Making Money with 500naira Earners since 2011 and You can start today and make millions of Naira with only N500 purchase of the 500naira Success System for activation. We have Digital product "500naira Success System" which you need to buy with N500 only and that make you a partner of 500naira earners. You have nothing to loose here and the system is very simple.
REGISTER - ACTIVATE YOUR ACCOUNT WITH N500 ONLY - REFER/SPONSOR 5 PEOPLE and Make as much as N122,070,500 total when you get to level 9.

Everyone Brings atleast 5

Everyone on 500naira Earners Bring atleast 5 people to complete level 1, then the 5 people bring 5 each to complete your level 2 for you, it goes like that from downlines of downlines and they help you make millions of naira with 500naira earners

How is it Possible with just N500?

500naira Earners uses the power of leverage and people helping people system. Imagine if everyone in this country deposit N1 to your bank account everyday? that will make you millions of naira, here on 500naira earners we use multiplication system and networking platform to make you huge cash everyday. Just think of atleast 5 of your friends and invite them to register using your own link or using your own username as their sponsor id, once they do, they will fill your level 1 for you, tell them to bring their 5 also and they will fill your level 2. As you are earning, they will also be earning. You will get paid to LEVEL 9, that is why our default matrix programme is 5X9 Matrix. And the good thing is you don't have to wait until you complete the level before you make withdrawal. You can request for payment anytime you have N1000 and above, and you can get paid as many time as you request within 24hours

What is 5X9 Matrix

It means 5 in width and 9 in deep, you need to bring atleast 5 people and get Paid to Level 9. If the 5 people you bring are active, making millions of naira is sure. You get Paid 20% from level 1, 10% from level 2, 10% from level 3, 10% from level 4, 10% from level 5, 10% from level 6, 10% from level 7, 10% from level 8, 10% from level 9. After you complete all the level, you can start over again. You can also bring more than 5 people, what matters is to have atleast 5 active people under you, so they can build up your level faster. Click here to Register
Our PayPlan

Your N500 payment will Give you access to 500naira Success System, a step by step PDF guide that teaches you how to be a successful 500naira members + Pictoral step by step marketing method that can help you reach Level 9 of our commission plan in short time. (This is Newbie friendly).
You will also get get pdf ebooks on Nigeria Online Business you can do as an additional way to Make Money Online in Nigeria.
Success is yours today as you are about to Join the Business platform that will change your life - with only N500.

Decide Right Now

500naira earners is a complete Online networking Business, The most easy to do Nigeria Home Based Business, Where everything is done for you. Just Register, Activate Your membership by paying N500 and You are In business.
YOU HAVE Nothing To LOOSE - ZERO RISK - YOU MAKE MONEY and HAVE UNLIMITED BENEFITS No other Payment - Only N500 and you become a partner, You will start earning money from the first person you introduce. Just think about 5 people you know that can afford N500 only. And you are on your way to Make millions. 500naira earners created opportunities. We are helping you get richer by using the power of leverage.

Grow Rich Day By Day

Here is a smart system, for people who want to make money in Nigeria and for people who understand financial freedom.

The Quick Steps

Register Right Now By Clicking Here
--Login and Copy your invite link.
--Invite atleast 5 people to register under you
--Let your network begin to grow by telling them to bring 5 also
--Help your downline become more active by motivating them See great Increase in your earnings and Make Money. CLick here to register Now
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