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 Everyday, more and more people are Looking for the best way to Make Money Online in Nigeria

And all the time, people are tired of getting broke, working for a boss or having more money to spend, we  all want to have the freedom, be able to decide on our own without the consent of our boss, EveryOne want to Have another better and guarantee source of income by making money Online in Nigeria

Welcome To 500naira Earners, Nigeria Highest Ranked "Make Money Online in Nigeria" Website

If you are here and can follow the 500naira Earners System, you can actually make 7 figures with 500naira. This network has gone viral as Seen on Google, Youtube, Facebook. Paying members since 2011


If you are referered here by a friend, that person truly loves you, because you have just landed on the Nigeria #1 Online Business where Making Money Online is made possible not in years, not even in months sometimes you don't have to wait for weeks, But just within few days you can start Making Money Online in Nigeria...


As seen on Google, 500naira earners ranked #1 for 500 naira also ranked #1 and #2 for the keyword Make Money Online in Nigeria. A perfect opportunity to make money with the surest best Paying Nigeria Online Business. We want to do something that will shock every eyes, something that will make you open your mouth for hours and start thinking for moments if this could be true...


Ok.. here is it... 500naira Earners want to help you make millions with only N500, we want to help you get started fully making money online in Nigeria everyday. Now here is a gist... When we launched 500naira earners in 2011 a lot of people were calling and asking if it is possible for anyone to truly start a profitable online business in Nigeria with N500?" and that is a great myth about making money online. The truth is, the real way to make legitimate money online wouldn't cost you a arm and a leg. Besides 500naira earners was setup not to enrich ourselve anymore but to create a solution to Making Money Online Nigeria.

Now Sit right, close that door... get yourself relaxed and read our step by step information on how to become a verified member of 500naira earners, How to setup your own money making funnel and How to start making Money Online in Nigeria as soon as possible.

There are now 2 Active and Fast way to Make Money with 500naira Earners and it is Very important you use the two after you are verified.

  •     500naira Earners Pack
  • 500naira Earners Networking


-*500naira Earners Pack!

Make Money with Youtube
24hours Ebook Cash
Fiverr Easy Cash
Google Adsense Secret

Above are 4 Internet business Guides that can help you make 7 figures online, if you want to start making money online from this week this guide is all you need as it contains all the information and step by step to setup any of the business. This is not a PLR guide, it is a premium information and each cost nothing less than $30 (Approximately N24,000 for the 4 guides) In the International Digital Market, you now have the Unrestricted access to use the strategies of all The Gurus you read about and for only N500.   500naira Earners Updates the pack every month, that means every 30 days you get 4 new Internet business latest strategies, Now tell me how you will not be successful when you utilise the step by step information.

Can't Wait.. Take Me to the Download Page


*500naira Earners Networking!


Forget about brokeness as a student, Job seekers, Work-at-home-mom, Government workers, self employed.. No matter which of the category you are, it is time to Make real Money online in Nigeria, we have created a fast growing networking type that pays you up to 9  level deep, yes you'll get paid again.. again.. and again. So if you ever want to work once and get Paid forever 500naira earners is made specially for you. Work this week and get paid till you grow old. Bring your children in and they'll get paid till they grow old.


But How does it works?


The 500naira Earners network is an Online based Matrix program, design in 5 width and 20 deep, that is 5x9 , all you have to do is referer 5 of your friends, family, co-workers, classmate, or children and when they join under you your leg is filled and now all you have to do is to keep guiding them to be active. Your Job is over, seat back while we keep on sending your payments after payments directly to your Nigeria bank account. We support all Nigeria Banks. And it cost only N500 monthly access feeto keep you getting paid.


What is the Pay Plan?

Our payment structure is flexible and give room for development and Adjustment, but before you see the Pay Plan, 500naira earners send your payment without you requesting to be paid. We are not a bank so we don't keep your money, everything you earn is yours, for this reason, we are sending every earnings on Thursday, our Account manager check all active earnings on thursday and send it to your bank account. No waiting to be paid, No calling to be paid, No delay whatsoever, Get Paid automatically every thursday.

Pay Plan

The pay Plan below shows a Matrix of 5 x 9 and how much you will get Paid on each level. With only a startup capital of N500.

level # Unit Earning Total Earning
Level 1 5 20% N500
Level 2 25 10% N1,250
Level 3 125 10% N6,250
Level 4 625 10% N31,250
Level 5 3125 10% N156,250
Level 6 15625 10% N781,250
Level 7 78125 10% N390,6250
Level 8 390625 10% N19,531,250
Level 9 1953125 10% N97,656,250
Are you still here? You must be looking for the registeration link now, but wait let's make some calculation, with only N500 you can actually become a millionaire within some years from now. But you don't really need to accumulate your earnings since the minimum payout is only N1,000, That means anytime you earn N1,000 above
you can withdraw earnings to your bank account.
statistics shows how our 5x9 Matrix works. You only need to complete that level 1. (Refer only 5 people) when they register and activate their account with N500 each, they become your active downline and build your income, everyone makes money on 500naira earners, everyone smiles to the bank and everyone is happy!.

Before we show you the Link to signup on 500naira earners and start Making money, let's see some statistics. There are over 170 Million Nigerian and current  Nigeria Internet user Stats is 79,345,250 this is moving up every seconds according to InternetLiveStarts , The current Nigeria facebook users is 60,319,324  according to InternetworldStats, futhermore, statistics shows that only 0.005% of Nigeria Internet Users make money online these are few hundred thousands of people. Now you know the coverage, You know there are millions of people out there who are looking for a way to make money online. Remember that there are millions of people on facebook, twitter, whatsapp who are looking for a way to make money online and this are your target. You don't even need to introduce 500naira earners to millions of people, Just Select 5 of your physical or Online friendlist and refer them, it's only N500 once access fee to hit a million earnings. It's totally an irrestitible offer.

So how does it feels to Spend only N500 Once and be able to hit some millions earnings in less than 6 months, oh! yes you could reach as much as 7 figures earnings in less than six month, let your earnings pile up each day and request to be paid any time you like.

So can you afford N500? No risk at all.. Everything is Profit.


Now Here is What You will get with only N500 One time Payment...

  • Get 4 Internet Business Guide Every Month.
  • Learn Fast ways To Make Money Online in Nigeria.
  • Pay Only One-Time N500 and earn money for life.
  • Access to 24/7 Customer support.
  • Earn 7 Figures in less than 6 month with your commitment and effort.
  • Get Paid To Your Nigeria Bank - We pay every Thursday.

Start Today and build your income with 500naira earners, You can live your dream with 500naira earners if you start right now and see how massively your income will grow with time. This is the power of networking. A drop of water makes a mighty ocean and so a drop of daily earnings from your generations of downlines will make you Millions, we make every step easy.. every stage is automated, just login each day to see how much you earn and decide if you want to get paid. Just click on the withdrawal button.


The Next Step - Action to Unlimited Earnings

You need to signup right now, but before you do, You must make sure you are ready to pay the one-time N500 fee Instantly or within few hours, since all our spots are filling in fast. We want serious people here and people that are ready to start Making money Online.
There are five active ways to Pay your one-time fee

  • Through Voguepay - Pay with your verve, Mastercard or Visa
  • Quickteller Payment to Our Agent Account
  • Mobile Money Payment Transfer
  • ATM transfer
  • Direct Bank Deposit to Agent

For any of the method you used, Be sure to folow our instruction and make your account activated Instantly.

 Register With 500naira Earners Click Here



Some Frequently Asked Questions

How can i get Paid?

You get paid to your Nigeria Bank Account

What is the minimum Payment i can request?

No minimum payment, but it is always good to request a reasonable amount from N1000  above.

How many times can i get paid in a month?

Unlimited, as long as you have funds in your Account Balance

How do i refer People?

You can invite your friends and family and your friends on social network, you can also place our banners on your website or wapsite

Can I do 500naira Earners with mobile Phone?

Yes, our website is optimised for mobile user, we will also launch a cross platform mobile apps soon.

Is 500naira earners Legal?

Yes 500naira earners is a legitimate Online business

I am an Old member, will i pay N500 again to activate my account?


Is the N500 monthly Payment or Once?

No monthly Payment, No extra fees! Pay N500 once and earn money forever with us

Is the ebook free?

The ebook is free for all our activated member and we keep on adding new guide every month, This ebook are exclusively for 500naira earners members for them to setup their own Internet business and make money online in Nigeria

What is my gain If I join 500naira Earners and Activate My Account Today?


You have unlimited gain, but let's us brief you

  • 4 Internet business Ebook and New Ebooks Every month
  • Make Money with our network of members and your network, earn Millions of naira, you can download our Earnings table by clicking here
  • Get paid to your Nigeria Bank Account
  • Smile to the bank and forget ever getting broke.
  • And so much more.... access to Make Money online in Nigeria

Sign up Now To 500naira Earners and Be The first To Tell Your friends...

It's a complete Easy Business, You Simply Register, Tell Your 5 friends and family or people Online, then watch your Money Grow!


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We also invested in Positive SSL certificate to keep your information secure, every serious online business does that, check our link in your browser and check if the https:// is intact. Always make sure you check that while accessing the Site of 500naira earners.


Register Today and Let's Meet at The other side in Your Members Area where you will see;

  • Your Account Earnings
  • Downlines
  • Your Dowlines generation
  • All your downlines information
  • Refer a friend by email features where you can send email to all your friends
  • Banners and Graphic to Promote your 500naira referer link
  • Promotional site: Create your own site with 500naira earners FREE
  • Withdrawal link : Withdral your payment easily
  • All withdrawal History: check all the fund you have withdraw
  • and so much more....

Signup now and get access to your account.

...I'm looking forward to welcoming you on the inside!


P.S. Hurry up and register Now, We are not closing as long as the Internet still exist, but it is better you be the first to register before your friend does.


P.P.S. We are serious! You could make some millions of Naira with 500naira earners, look at our Pay Plan again, and it is achievable within a very short time, put in your best now and smile forever.


Customer Care Lines For any Enquiries

Although we prefer using the Support Ticket

But if you need to talk with a Live Person

Speak with Olayemi on: 07068888595   (Available 9am - 6pm)

Speak with Debbie on 07034494812 (Available 9am - 6pm)

Or dial our General Request Line: 07051330042 (Available 24/7)

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