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Hello 500naira Earners, have a great ?
500naira earners is a subsidiary Business of Monetworks International Services Registered with Coporate Affairs Commission (CAC) Registeration Number OS4997.

500naira Earners Launches in 2011 as the Nigeria surest way to Make Money Online
. Make Money Online in Nigeria By Using The #1 Nigeria Business Networking Platform. The Money Making System is easy as A B C...
Money Making Steps
  • Buy 500naira Earners Success System Packs for ONLY N500
  • Invite atleast 5 of your friends
  • Get Paid Commission up to total of N122,070,500 , You get Paid to the 9th level
  • You earn commissions when someone use your username as their sponsor's id or when they register through your refferer link.
  • Minimum payout is N1000, Anytime you have N1000 and above you can request your payment and we will send the earnings to your Bank account within 1-24hours.
    You can also refer more than 5 people and still get paid to the 9th level.

Money Making Pay Plan of 500naira Earners - How You Can Make NN122,070,500 with Your Purchase of 500naira Success System
Our Matrix is 5x9 (every member must bring 5 people atleast to be able to increase income everyday)

The pay Plan below shows a Matrix of 5 x 9 and how much you will get Paid on each level. With only a startup capital of N500. Please note that You can have more than 5 people under yourself and still get paid to the 9th level.

level # Unit Earning Total Earning
Level 1 5 20% N500
Level 2 25 10% N1,250
Level 3 from everyone 10% N6,250
Level 4 from everyone 10% N31,250
Level 5 from everyone 10% N156,250
Level 6 from everyone 10% N781,250
Level 7 from everyone 10% N390,6250
Level 8 from everyone 10% N19,531,250
Level 9 from everyone 10% N97,656,250
Think of atleast 5 people you can introduce this business to right now. It is only N500 to buy the 500naira Success System. And once you register the 5 people, you are on your way to Make Millions with 500naira earners.

Your N500 payment will Give you access to 500naira Success System, a step by step PDF guide that teaches you how to be a successful 500naira members + Pictoral step by step marketing method that can help you reach Level 9 of our commission plan in short time. (This is Newbie friendly).
You will also get get pdf ebooks on Nigeria Online Business you can do as an additional way to Make Money Online in Nigeria See some of the Ebooks below - It is Yours FREE when you Join our Amazing Nigeria Home Based Business "500naira Earners"
Make Money with Youtube
24hours Ebook Cash
Fiverr Easy Cash
Google Adsense Secret

500naira earners is a complete Online networking Business, The most easy to do Nigeria Home Based Business, Where everything is done for you. Just Register, Activate Your membership by paying N500 and You are In business.
No other Payment - Only N500 and you become a partner, You will start earning money from the first person you introduce. Just think about 5 people you know that can afford N500 only. And you are on your way to Make millions. 500naira earners created opportunities. We are helping you get richer by using the power of leverage. Imagine if 1 million Nigerian deposited N1 to your bank account everyday, this is easy and much more can happen with 500naira Earner.

Here is a smart system, for people who want to make money in Nigeria and for people who understand financial freedom.
How To Be Successful with 500naira Earners

  • Register Right Now By Clicking Here
  • Login and Copy your invite link.
  • Invite atleast 5 people to register under you
  • Let your network begin to grow
  • Help your downline become more active by motivating them
  • See great Increase in your earnings and Make Money.

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